The Top 5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Ring

We know that most people don’t buy diamonds very often. So its our job to make sure we educate you to make an informed choice about your perfect stone—we put the power in your hands, then the result on your finger. 

So here are our TOP 5 TIPs to make sure you get it right.


#1 - Do not buy a diamond off an online list

We have never understood why our competitors make their customers choose a diamond off an online list portal. 

As experts in Diamond curation it makes way more sense to us that we should be the ones that educate you and curate a premium selection of stones to show you based on our experience and knowledge. There is much more to a diamond than what is on the certificate. Our selection methods are stringent and we talk to the growers and cutters to fully analyse the stones before presentation. We carefully consider each curation.


#2 - CVD Lab diamonds ONLY

At Deltora Diamonds we only sell CVD stones. CVD stones are TYPE 11A the most pure form of diamond. A more innovative way of growing that produces diamonds that at a chemical bond structural level are more pure and better performing than their HPHT alternative.


#3 - BUY a hand-crafted ring not machine made

If a ring feels light in weight it has been machine made - AVOID. We handcraft all our rings in our Sydney studio. Firstly we make a mould for your ring, the gold is then poured and set into the mould and once cooled our master jewellers get to work to hand finish the piece and set the diamonds to ensure a lifetime lasting luxury piece of jewellery.


#4 - It’s all about SIZE , not carat weight

Size does matter! Carat weight is often confused for size where in fact it is actually the weight measurement of the diamond. This is how a diamond is priced. When we curate your diamond selection we look at proportion measurements and ratios not necessarily carat weight. For example a 1.75 carat oval with a 1.5 ratio can have the same dimensions as a 2 carat oval with a 1.38 ratio, so if you’re after a longer thinner oval for more finger coverage then the 1.75 carat would be the better option and you will be paying less for it. That’s why it makes sense to let us curate your selection.


#5 - Make the CUT : the most important of the 4C’s

The cut is what makes a diamond sparkle, have fire and brilliance. A badly cut diamond will cause light leakage and it will disappear through the bottom of the stone. A superbly cut stone either EX(excellent) or ID (ideal) will a beautiful fire to it.