East West Engagement Rings

East West Engagement Rings

Our East-West settings infuse a contemporary twist into the classic solitaire or diamond band setting, offering a fresh perspective on traditional designs.
Whether opting for a solitaire or bezel set, this orientation is particularly suited to elongated gem shapes such as Oval, Pear, Emerald, Elongated Cushion, or Marquise Diamonds, transforming the character of your ring with a distinctive flair.

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East-West Engagement Ring

Our east-west engagement rings give a modern aesthetic to a traditional solitaire of diamond band setting. This unique style perfectly complements any fine jewellery piece.

East-West Engagement Rings Australia

Deltora Diamonds is an Australia-based lab grown jewelers with our headquarters and showroom located right here in Sydney. Get in touch to discuss your desired east-west cut engagement ring style or drop in for a consultation at our Sydney showroom