About Us

We are Deltora Diamonds…… offering the World’s most Premium Laboratory Grown Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and Contemporary Fine Jewellery.

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Our MISSION, to make BIG Diamonds and beautiful jewellery accessible to everyone.

Founded in 2020 by internationally qualified diamond expert Melissa Trafford-Jones, Deltora Diamonds is on a mission to make big diamonds and beautiful jewellery accessible to all women.

We don’t stockpile diamonds then guide unsuspecting buyers towards old stock we need to offload. We flip the process. When you tell us exactly what you want in a rock—cut, size—we search the world for the most premium laboratory grown diamond to fit your specifications.

Then in just weeks (three days, in the case of one bride) we handmake your custom engagement and wedding rings and fine contemporary jewellery in platinum or solid gold.  

A global brand, we have showrooms in the Australian cities Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

 Our team of diamond experts knows most people don’t buy diamonds very often. So we make the experience special, memorable and joyful.

We educate you to make an informed choice about your perfect stone—we put the power in your hands, then the result on your finger.

And Deltora Diamonds aren’t just for ‘I do’ days. Our stunning, ever-evolving range of contemporary fine jewellery is big on bling and value, with classic and contemporary styles for men and women.