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Buying diamonds is emotional. It’s big. It’s rare. It needs to count. And it shouldn’t hurt your budget or the planet. At Deltora Diamonds, we make diamonds affordable for every woman using lab grown diamonds. Big rocks, better value, lasting memories.

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Meet Melissa

Founder & CEO

"I’ve always loved diamonds—as a kid I dressed up in mum’s pieces and pretended I had a glamorous job and even better tennis serve. Then I grew up and realised diamonds are hideously expensive and I needed a house more.

But decades into working in media and marketing in the female lifestyle space, I had unfinished business with jewellery. After studying at the De Beers Institute and London’s Gem Academy, I founded Deltora Diamonds with the mission of making diamond jewellery accessible to all women regardless of bank balance.

Ask me at a party what I do, and I’ll say I’m an internationally qualified expert who personally sources the world’s best diamonds on demand. As a mother of four, I love that they happen to be lab created, sustainable and ethical.

And I love that Deltora’s brand integrity is about not just flawless, really big rocks but the things I value most in life: authenticity, superior quality,  exceptional service, deliverability. We rock."

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Lab Grown And Happiness Tested

"Lab diamonds are not fakes. They’re not cubic zirconias. They have all the same physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond”

(Stephen Morisseau – Gemological Institute of America)

Let’s get the f-word out of the way: lab diamonds are not fakes. They’re real diamonds. And at Deltora Diamonds, we only sell premium stones. Flawless babies born in the world’s most advanced labs of advanced technology, a slice of mined diamond and a hailstorm of pure carbon. They’re the humanitarian, modern option for people who love our planet as much as they love literally perfect, stonking big rocks. (Like Leonardo Di Caprio, who’s such a big fan of what lab diamonds stand for that he bought into a business. Man of taste.)

Why choose a lab diamond?

- It’s real; chemically and optically the same as a mined diamond

- We only use D-F colour and VS clarity for optimum sparkle

- Larger carat size and better quality diamond for your budget.

- Fully certified by GIA or IGI

- Origin is guaranteed

- Ethical and sustainable

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Why Deltora Diamonds

The real value of diamonds is the emotional value they hold. You want to remember the moment. It’s why we make your experience seriously special, from getting to know you to using our expertise and global connections to educate you about one of life’s biggest purchases.

We only have one job, and we do it brilliantly: source the planet’s best premium diamonds to order from cutting-edge international laboratories and curate them into a selection. Then our master jewellers hand-make your custom design in our workshop in Sydney, Australia. You get choice, guaranteed provenance and a just-born diamond that doesn’t cost the Earth. We get to see your love story brought to life.

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