Product Care Guide

“Lab Grown Diamonds are extremely durable measuring a 10 on the Moh’s scale. All Jewellery should be cared for and cleaned regularly to have it looking its best.”

In terms of simple day-to-day cleaning, we recommend the purchase of a laser cleaner for safe and non-abrasive cleaning.

If you prefer, use a soft brush with a solution of mild dish soap, and a teaspoon of cloudy ammonia and lukewarm water. Rinse well and dry with a clean, soft cloth.

We also recommend:

· Taking your jewellery off before you swim or shower
· Leaving jewellery in a dish on your bedside table at night to avoid getting caught on sheets or hair.
· Avoiding exposing jewellery to household bleach, which will quickly cause gold to discolour and even disintegrate
· Having your jewellery serviced once a year
· Clean your jewellery once a fortnight with solution and a toothbrush or similar soft bristle brush. Then rub dry with our cleaning cloth provided. If you let dirt build up, dirt particles will create small spaces between prongs and once those are cleaned, the prongs will be loose.
· Avoiding stacking rings, which may cause abrasion or chipping. Instead, use a separator ring.