Round Engagement Rings

Round Engagement Rings

The Round engagement ring is a true classic, brilliantly cut with over 58 facets causing the light to penetrate from the bottom of the diamond back through the top, giving it unbelievable sparkle. Versatile with any setting and our most popular classic round cut engagement ring shape of all.



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Round Cut Engagement Rings

Our round brilliant cut is an absolute classic engagement ring choice. Our lab grown diamonds look outstanding in any style offering maximum sparkle. In fact round diamond engagement rings are 100% the most sparkly.

Round Cut Engagement Rings Australia

Our main headquarters are based in Sydney, Australia. We are an Australian-based jewelers offering bespoke round cut engagement rings and free shipping with online orders. However for our engagement rings please get in touch.  Our personal diamond concierge will help you to discover more about round cut diamonds and round cut diamond engagement rings.