Asscher Cut

Asscher Cut

Asscher Cut Diamonds are nearly identical to the Emerald Cut, in the shape of a square.

Our Asscher diamond us unique due to its stepped cut. They are often described as having a vintage feel and harder to find in both lab and mined stones. Unlike the Princess cut, it has a thicker profile with clipped corners almost octagonal in appearance. The Asscher cut diamond is perfect in a solitaire setting or a gorgeous stone to partner in a two stone engagement ring such as the "toi et moi" setting.


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Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

Our Asscher cut engagement ring style is the definition of vintage charm. Similar shape to the Emerald style stone, the asscher is uniquely curated with step-cut facets that make it mesmerising and distinctive. 

Asscher Cut Rings Australia

Deltora Diamonds is an Australia-based lab grown jewelers with our headquarters and showroom located right here in Sydney. Get in touch to discuss your desired asscher cut engagement ring style or drop in for a consultation at our Sydney showroom.