Toi et Moi Pear and Asscher Engagement Ring

Setting starts from $3,500.00
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The setting of the year made popular by Emily Ratajkowski. This stunning take on the Toi et Moi ring meaning - You and Me.

Featuring a bezel set Asscher cut diamond and angled Pear shape diamond. This setting style can be interchanged with other diamond shapes.

At Deltora Diamonds, every ring is custom and handmade in our workshop in 3 weeks.

Come in and try on this setting in our studio.

We make it easy, stress-free and fun - make an appointment we'd love to see you!

Our Process

We believe that designing your "lifetime" ring should be easy as it is enjoyable. Our bespoke process ensures that each step is seamless and most of all an exceptional experience - the way it should be.

To ensure this, you will be introduced to your personal diamond concierge as soon as you get in contact who will be working alongside you throughout your journey with Deltora.

Step 1

Explore Your Options

At your initial consultation we ask a ton of questions and get to understand your lifestyle, budget and vision.

Your ring has to fit with how you live, look, work and feel. Then we workshop ideas, try on settings and get laser-focused on what really speaks to your heart.

Step 2

Personal Diamond Curation

Unlike a typical jeweller, that will show you a computer generated list of diamonds, we utilise our network of diamond growers in order to present you with a personalised diamond curation stringently assessed by our experts. We’ll also provide you with a comprehensive diamond education.

Step 3

Handcrafted Just For You

Your ring is one of a kind, each piece is custom made and handcrafted by our master bench-jewellers.

Your Deltora Concierge will provide you with a 3D CAD drawing bringing your design to life and then will oversee the making of your piece, ensuring the highest quality of design and production.

At Deltora Diamonds, every ring is custom. Stones are sourced to order for the setting that suits your life and style.

The Asscher Cut is nearly identical to the Emerald cut, in the shape of a square. A very vintage feel, this stone is really quite unique and harder to find in both lab and mined stones. Unlike the Princess cut, it has a chunkier thicker profile with clipped corners almost octagonal in appearance.

Like the Emerald cut, they don’t hide inclusions well. Their large stepped facets , smaller table and higher crown allow them to produce more sparkle and brilliance than the emerald cut. We suggest at least a VVS2.

At Deltora Diamonds, every ring is custom. Stones are sourced to order for the setting that suits your life and style.

The Pear Shape or Teardrop Shape as it is otherwise known is a gorgeous unique shape suited to a solitaire or halo setting. Beautifully facetted it gives you big bling for your buck.

More than any other diamond shape, pear-cut diamonds appear the largest for their carat weight. While the length to width ratio of classic pear shaped diamond is 1.40-1.70, a wider shape is preferred for a solitaire ring.

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Luxury that doesn’t cost the earth

Sustainable, lab created diamonds are the modern way to do diamonds. And using them, we make the world's most luxurious jewellery accessible to all women. You don't need to choose between quality and conscience. Big Rocks, Better Value, Bold Designs - Ethical Beauty.

Our Process

Stand out from the crowd

Like all of life's big moments, the real value of diamonds is the emotional value they hold. So choosing your forever stone needs to count. And Deltora Diamonds aren't just for 'I do' days. Our stunning ever evolving range of fine jewellery is big on bling and value.

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