Two Stone Engagement Rings

Two Stone Engagement Rings

Our two stone diamond engagement rings are quite the statement ring. Double the bling with a two stone ring. A major trend is the toi et moi setting meaning you and me in French - a super cute sentiment. 

You can mix and match shapes or simply go for two of the same diamond cut. Why stop at just diamonds when you can also mix and match coloured stones into your setting, perhaps your birth stone.

Still not sure about which Diamond shape suits you?

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Two Stone Engagement Rings

Our two stone ring are expertly crafted with lab diamonds of your preferred shape and size. The sentimental style is inspired by timeless sophistication and exhibits double the sparkle.

Two Stone Rings Australia

We are an Australian-based jewelers offering bespoke round cut engagement rings and free shipping with online orders. Our main headquarters are based in Sydney, Australia. However, for our engagement rings please get in touch.