Emerald Cut

Emerald Cut

The Emerald Cut is a long rectangular shape with a stepped cut very different from the way the other shaped diamonds are cut. Elegant in style, the emerald cut isn’t as faceted as the other shapes with slightly less sparkle. A very vintage Art-deco vibe. Lovely set on its own on a plain band or with two smaller baguette diamond side stones for a real show stopper.

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Simply Stunning Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

A true testament to sophistication and refinement, emerald cut diamond rings have been around since the 1500s. It has been the favourite choice of royals and aristocrats alike. We love an elegant emerald in a modern setting to show off its unique style.

Cut in a stepped facet the emerald cut is certainly unique. With a rectangular shape and clipped corners it is different to the radiant cut and lacks the brilliant sparkle of other diamonds having a “hall of mirrors” effect instead.

In terms of style, the emerald has it all and to let it be the hero on a solitaire band is certainly the preferred setting for most style queens. A bezel style surround will enhance its size while some tapered baguette side stones add finger coverage.

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Trilogy Emerald settings at Deltora Diamonds

If you’re wanting serious finger coverage or WOW then these settings are a triple threat. Create a unique look with either an art deco vibe or a modern style. your choice of white, yellow, rose gold, or platinum And who says these elegant emeralds have to be set in the standard way, traditionally an emerald cut is set vertically but why not try an east west setting on either a diamond band or bold bezel. One of our favourite styles of the moment is in a thicker cigar band style - thin is no longer in.

The team at Deltora Diamonds will help you find the perfect setting and tailor the ring to your unique taste and style. Try on all of our styles in one of our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

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The Timeless Beauty in an Emerald Cut Emerald

And who says your Emerald cut desires have to stop at diamonds alone. Why not opt for a coloured stone for your engagement ring with one of our Columbian Lab Grown Emeralds. Why not try a two stone ring in a toi et moi setting with a sensational pear shaped diamond and emerald cut emerald combination - you style queen you.

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The Deltora Diamonds Difference

Deltora Diamonds strives to create a unique and amazing experience while searching for the perfect ring. We know it’s about more than just the ring itself but about showcasing your style story.

Our founder curates the selection of your diamond personally, and each ring is handmade by our master jewellers. Our team works with you every step of your journey until you are completely satisfied.

Quality and sustainability are extremely important to us, and we work to ensure you have the best diamonds and the perfect settings. We only sell ethically, sustainably sourced lab diamonds to protect our planet.

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