Oval Trilogy Engagement Ring | Lab Diamond 4 Prong

Setting starts from $1,889.00 USD

Each ring setting is customised with your preferred lab grown diamond shape, carat weight, and precious metal.

Get in touch for diamond options and pricing.

Made to order in as little as 10 business days.

This table is a sample only of indicative prices of different diamond colour and clarity grades. Please note when working with us you will receive a customised curation of diamonds to look at based on your request and requirements.

We know the best ways to optimise your budget, trust our judgment as experts in our craft. We have a trained team of gemologists who are passionate about choosing ethically sourced, fully certified stones which meet our strict parameters of colour, clarity and cut and maximum sparkle.

Shape Carat Size E VVS2 F VS1 G VS2
Round 2ct $4800 $3,300 $2,500
2.5ct $7000 $4,000 $3,200
3ct $9,200 $6500 $5,000
3.5ct $12,000 $7,500 $6,000
4ct $15,000 $10,500 $8,000
4.5ct $18,000 $15,500 $9,000
5ct $23,000 $17,000 $13,000
Cushion 2ct $4,500 $3,900 $3,100
2.5ct $6,500 $5,500 $4,200
3ct $10,000 $8,000 $6,200
3.5ct $13000 $10,000 $8,000
4ct $18,000 $14,000 $13,500 
4.5ct $20,000 $16000 $15,500 
5ct $28,000 $25,000 $20,000
Oval 2ct $4,200 $3,500 $3,000
2.5ct $7,500 $4,500 $4,200
3ct $9,500 $7,000 $5,800
3.5ct $11,500 $7,500 $7,000
4ct $14,000 $10,500 $8,500
4.5ct $17,000 $15,000 $13,000
5ct $20,000 $17,500 $15,800
Radiant 2ct $5,750 $3,500 $2,800
2.5ct $6,500 $5,500 $4,400
3ct $7,500 $7,300 $5,200
3.5ct $8,700 $8,500 $7,500
4ct $11,500 $11,000 $8,500
4.5ct $17,000 $15,000 $12,000
5ct $30,000 $20,000 $18,000
Pear 2ct $4,500 $3,250 $3,000
2.5ct $5,000 $4,000 $3,500
3ct $7,000 $6,200 $5,000
3.5ct $8,500 $8,000 $7,500
4ct $13,500 $11,500 $9,500
4.5ct $20,000 $13,500 $11,000
5ct $30,000 $21,000 $14,000
Marquise 2ct $5,500 $4,000 $3,000 
2.5ct $9,500 $5,200 $4,500
3ct $15,000 $6,000 $7,000
3.5ct $20,500 $9,500 $9,200
4ct $26,000 $11,000 $12,000
4.5ct $30,000 $18,000 $13,000
5ct $45,000 $22,000 $15,000
Emerald 2ct $4,700 $3,500 $3,000
2.5ct $5,500 $5,000 $4,000
3ct $7,500 $6,000 $4,500
3.5ct $12,000 $7,500 $6,000
4ct $13,500 $10,000 $7,500
4.5ct $14,000 $12,000 $10,000
5ct $20,000 $16,000 $12,000
Princess 2ct $5,000 $4,000 $3,000
2.5ct $6,700 $5,000 $4,000
3ct $8,000 $7,000 $6,000
3.5ct $10,000 $9,000 $8,000
4ct $15,000 $11,000 $9,000
4.5ct $17,000 $14,000 $13,000
5ct $22,000 $19,000 $17,000
Asscher 2ct $6,000 $5,750 $4,750
2.5ct $8,500 $8,500 $5,500
3ct $14,200 $11,200 $7,200
3.5ct $18,000 $13,500 $11,000
4ct $22,000 $19,000 $13,000
4.5ct $25,000 $20,000 $15,000
5ct $35,000 $27,000 $19,000


For more information, please call: 1300 334 459

This piece is custom made and will be delivered to you in 10 business days.

This piece is custom made and will be delivered to you in 10 business days.

Our beautiful oval trilogy engagement ring is an iconic design representing your past, present and future happiness. This three stone engagement ring is one of our biggest sellers.

With an oval lab diamond centre hero stone flanked by your choice of smaller complementing oval diamonds or three of the same size stones - make it unique to you.

Discover the Details:

  • 2mm half round band
  • Three Stone Oval Ring
  • 4 Prong Set on each stone
  • Solid 18k Yellow Gold, White Gold , Rose Gold or Platinum
  • Cast and hand finished here in our Sydney studio
  • Center Stone | Oval with Oval Sides

*Side stones are chosen to match the size of the center stone


Our settings are all made by our master jewellers. We are fortunate enough to have our own workshop where we cast and hand finish all our settings. This means they exude quality and luxury.

Our process allows for a fast turnaround time if that’s something that is important to you. We are able to complete your custom piece within as little as 2-3 weeks. We offer in studio pick up or secure delivery by courier door-to-door.

We do need to know the ring size in order to make your ring, however we can resize up or down two sizes, if not the perfect fit. 

If you don't know your ring size, ask us to send one to you! If the ring is not for you, hit the Live Chat button and follow our instruction to find the perfect size.

We get that this is one of lifes biggest purchases and it can put a strain on the finances, so we want to help make this part stress free. We take all major credit cards as well as direct debit payment.

We offer a variety of payment options:

  • 50% upfront and 50% on delivery  (standard way to pay)
  • Payments split over 3 or 6 months (lay-by)
  • Afterpay for settings up to $2000

Our Process

We believe that designing your “lifetime” ring or custom piece should be as easy as it is enjoyable. Our bespoke process ensures that each step is seamless and most of all an exceptional experience - the way it should be.

Explore Your Options

At your initial consultation (whether it be in person, zoom or phone) we ask a ton of questions and get to understand your lifestyle, budget and vision.

Your ring has to fit with how you live, look, work and feel. Then we workshop ideas, try on settings and get laser-focused on what really speaks to your heart.

Personal Diamond Curation

Unlike a typical jeweller, that will show you a computer generated list of diamonds, we utilise our network of diamond growers in order to present you with a personalised diamond curation stringently assessed by our experts.

We will present you with video, images and live footage from the grower or if the diamond is with us in studio you can view it personally.

Handcrafted Just For You

Your ring is one of a kind, each piece is custom made and handcrafted by our master bench-jewellers.

Your Deltora Concierge will provide you with an initial 3D CAD drawing bringing your design to life and then will oversee the making of your piece, ensuring the highest quality of design and production.

The Deltora Difference

Our mission is to make luxury diamond jewellery accessible to everyone. That is why we use lab grown diamonds, gems and sustainably sourced solid gold across our whole range.

Because you shouldn't have to choose between quality and conscience.

Our Diamonds don't cost the EARTH.

  • Concierge Style Service

  • Diamond Selection By Experts

  • Handcrafted In Australia

  • Pay Over Time Options

  • Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty

  • In store or Virtual Appointments

"It is by far the greatest customer service I have ever received in any capacity."

TESS & SCOTTOval Solitaire With Hidden Halo Four Prong Thin Band Engagement Ring

"We decided to design our rings using sustainable diamonds, and I was able to include some diamonds passed onto me from my mum in my wedding band. Thank you Deltora for making our dream rings"

FIONA & HAYLEYRound Diamond U-prong Wedding Band (Fiona), Baguette and Round Wedding Ring (Hayley)

Still not sure about which Diamond shape suits you?

Check out our Try-At-Home Kit today!

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We don’t know who feels better, you, us or the planet! 

Luxury that doesn’t cost the EARTH.

Frequently Asked Questions

Engagement Rings FAQs

How do I purchase one of your engagement rings?

Simply select 'Make an Enquiry' on any ring page or directly on our contact us page.

When you browse our engagement ring settings on our website you will notice the price for the setting. You can then make an enquiry about that particular setting or book an appointment with your concierge who will discuss diamond options with you.

How do I try on your engagement ring settings?

There are several ways to try on our engagement ring settings:

  1. Make an appointment in our Sydney studio. 
  2. Order a 3D print of your favourite setting, this is a wax replica of the setting and your chosen stone size.
  3. You can use our Try at Home kit to get a good feel for diamond shapes and sizes in your own home no matter where you are in the world.

How are your engagement rings made?

All our rings are custom made.

  1. Once you have selected the ring setting you love and chosen your diamond with your Deltora Concierge / sales person, we will give you a 3D CAD drawing which will bring the design to life for your approval.
  2. Once approved, we make a mould of your ring design, pour the gold and create a raw cast of your ring.
  3. It then goes into the workshop for finishing and setting of your diamond.
  4. A few finishing touches such as polishing and optional engraving and the ring is ready to be packaged up and delivered.

How long does it take to get a ring delivered?

All our rings our custom made in our workshop and can be made in 21 business days. If you need a fast turnaround we can accomodate you so get in touch to ask.

How can I see and browse your diamonds?

Each and every diamond is selected for the individual depending on style and budget.

Our in-house diamond experts will curate a selection for you to view that they themselves have stringently assessed and chosen with the belief they have the best value and quality diamonds for you.

We can present these diamonds in person, over Zoom call, or by sending you images, videos and more.

You can be rest assured that are quality assurance processes mean that your diamonds are the best choices for you.

What if i don’t know my partner's ring size?

Don’t worry! We can send you a ring sizer or we can show you how to size. Rest assured we offer complimentary ring sizing on all our engagement rings.

What if my ring becomes damaged?