Can I drop a hint?

Absolutely, just don’t go too far. Your other half won’t want to be persistently nagged. A great subtle hint is to simply start scrolling through ring pictures on Pinterest while they are sitting close by. More often than not that gets the conversation started.


When your friends are around try on their rings and ask your partner what they think. Thats a definite hint right there. Also it gives them an idea of your style.



What if i don’t like what they choose?

That is why you need to hint at an idea of your style. Most appreciate the hint so you need to do the leg work. Very few people come to us with no idea of what their partner wants and most people come as a couple to try on settings then leave their partner to choose the diamond. This is the perfect scenario we think.

If they decide to choose it all on their own and you really don’t like what they choose, please don’t tell them. They will be heartbroken. The best way to get around this is when it comes time to choose your wedding band. We have certainly redesigned engagement rings to work as a set with a wedding ring so its a perfect opportunity to change it up.



What if it doesn’t fit?

Generally not a problem, we can resize up or down 3 sizes. 



What if I wan’t to upsize in the future? 

There is always a market for the on sell of diamonds as long as you have the certificate. Saying that, don’t expect to get what you paid for it as you will be selling it back into the wholesale market. 


We have done a lot of upsizes over the years and the beauty of lab diamonds is that they are great value. We are often asked to on sell mined diamonds because the owner wants to upsize to a lab diamond because they like the value they provide. For example a 1 carat mined diamond generally goes for $10k, for the same price you would be able to get a 1.8 – 2 carat stone.



Whats the average spend on an engagement ring?

 The average spend is around $15k so if you were to buy a mined diamond you would probably be getting a 1 carat or a lab diamond up to 2.5 carats. The value is just superb. 

If the budget is $5000 you will be able to afford a gorgeous 1 carat stone fully set.

We specialise in big diamonds, we grow up to 10 carat stones and our general sales are around 3-4 carats. Our classic collection is a ready to wear collection with 1 – 2 carat centre stone options. Our signature collection settings are for big stones.



And what if things don’t work out?

Then we can sell thing for you or put it towards a new piece. It does happen, it is a hard time and we respect that so we are completely discreet and understanding.



What is the best way to photograph my ring?

Definitely in natural light. Don’t zoom in as it will make the ring look blurry. Set up the shot and then tap the screen to focus over the ring. If you haven’t had your nails done then do the surprised look with your hand next to your face. Use an editing app like Photoshop Express or Afterlight  and then think of the perfect caption and post. Not before sending it to your parents and bestie.