Amid the covid pandemic, Diamond sales are up!

The last 12 months have sure seen a massive shift in not only the way we work and live but how our priorities have changed. When the world is in turmoil we look to the things or people that make us happy, who are important to us and who bring a smile to our face.

One thing for sure is that Covid has brought people close together and that is why engagements are still happening even during lockdown.

When Covid first hit we saw an initial downturn in engagement ring shopping and an increase in fine jewellery shopping as people were buying luxury items to liven up their mood in lockdown. This is still very much the case as people are spending a significant amount of time browsing online and doing all their purchases online from food to clothing and yes even engagement rings.

The initial uncertainties surrounding jobs and finances weighed heavily on people but the unknown has also allowed people to take stock of what is important and that is FAMILY.  Couples are keen on commitment yet they still want great value for their budget and that is where Lab Diamonds become a fabulous option – Larger Carat Sizes and  Superior Quality.

Covid has led to a shift in the way people are buying engagement rings. At Deltora Diamonds we use advanced mobile tech to enhance the customer experience making it interactive, engaging and fun.

How ?

. We can send you setting samples to try on or we can design a custom piece together

. We curate a selection of diamonds to show you via zoom and mobile

. We educate you and involve you every step of the way

We understand that budget is always an issue and therefore we have several options for payment including extended terms – ask us how.