How to Measure Ring Size at Home

Imagine your down on one knee, you slip the ring on your partners finger and after some sweet sentiments and a big YES, oops it doesn’t fit….. Not ideal right? That's why knowing how to measure your ring size at home and finding the perfect fit is an essential part of the design process.

What ring size am I?

If you're wondering 'what ring size am I?' then we have the perfect handy tool to know exactly your ring size so you can get the perfect fit!

Our at-home ring sizer kit is accurate, as it provides multiple ring sizer devices which are easy to use - taking the stress out of the whole process! 

Whether you're confident in your partner's ring size or not, using the ring sizer is a great method to ensure your ring will fit perfectly.  

Follow the few simple steps in the video below to correctly size your own or your partner's finger, using the at-home kit.  


3 ways on how to measure your finger:

  1. If you already have a ring that fits your/their finger,  - you can use that ring and slide the ring onto the ring mandrel. From there you can see what measurement your ring aligns with and take a photo and send it right to us! This allows our team to ensure accuracy is achieved during your sizing process thus allowing for a smoother diamond curation process.  
  2. Don’t know the size at all - then another great way to measure your own or a partner's finger is to use the metal gauge ring sizer and slip each ring size onto your finger until you find the most comfortable fit. To understand the best fit, the ring should fit snugly, but you should still be able to wiggle it off your finger without too much tugging or discomfort.  
  3. Or measure the size of the finger is using the alphabetic plastic ring measurer, which is useful if you want a snugger ring fit, as you can easily secure it around the finger. Very helpful if you're in between sizes! 

Once you secure a ring size that fits comfortably on your finger, you can slip it off your finger and slide it back onto the ring mandrel, to confirm the size! Like previously, make sure to take a photo of the ring on the ring mandrel tool, to allow us to see where the measurement aligns with your finger, for your own customised fit.  

Extra sizing tips and tricks 

# Don’t size your ring after physical activity or if your feeling hot or really cold, we are looking for a luke warm body temperature. Measuring your finger two to three times and take the average is a good idea.

# Don’t stress we offer one complimentary ring sizing within 6 months of purchase.

# For the most accurate sizing use both tools in conjunction with each other to secure the best possible fit.