The phrase, “Luxury that doesn’t cost the earth” has meaning for us on several levels.

Deltora Diamonds are the responsible choice when it comes to buying diamonds. We want to bring an end to the devastation caused to the environment and to the wellbeing of people by mining diamonds.

When you buy a Cultured Laboratory Grown Diamond you are having a positive impact on the Environment, Humanity and your Bank Balance.

Historically, the mining of diamonds has created major human rights issues. Our diamonds have provenance. You know the origin, history and authenticity when buying a Deltora Diamond. Our Cultured diamonds are created in high tech laboratories and hold unquestionable provenance with no impact on humanity.

We are conscious that the Environment is impacted when mining for diamonds. Diamond mining can result in land degradation and soil erosion that can be detrimental to the local environment.
Growing a diamond in a lab setting with abundantly available carbon and renewable energy has a low impact on the environment with little to no harm to ecosystems or wildlife.
Growing diamonds is certainly energy intensive; however, the impact on the earth to grow lab diamonds is a fraction of the impact of diamond mining. Man-made diamonds are driving positive change within the entire diamond industry by making people and companies accountable to our environment. Our diamonds have no carbon emission, and cause no damage to the surface of the Earth. We only source our Lab Diamonds from renewable foundrys. They are the responsible choice.

Lab Grown diamonds are 30-50% less than mined diamonds allowing you to get a bigger better quality diamond. All our diamonds are classified Type IIA, which puts them in the top 1-2% of diamonds, they are of optimum quality.
Even though grown diamonds require almost equivalent amount of resources, money, time and energy, they are more economical.

This is a fast growing industry, we are seeing not only the younger generations but the more discerning customer opting for a cultured diamond and they are bigger, better and value for money.