Tess & Scott

Our Love Story -  We had both had been in separate long term relationships and were both recently single for the first time in years, we had both individually vowed to spend the next year single. However, a fortnight into my own singledom and merely days into Scotts, we met eyes across the bar at the Belgrave Cartel in Manly late on a warm Sunday night. Scott will always joke he remembers meeting me years prior at my own birthday as a ring-in from a mutual friend I was sharing the event with, but that I was completely unapproachable due to being in constant colourful conversations with my partner at the time.....doesn't sound like me so we're discounting it...

It was love straight away. My best friend would always joke that my life and pulse relied on his interaction with my iPhone during those first stages. Within weeks we were officially dating and within a few short months we had moved in together. I had never laughed so hard in my life and Scott taught me so much about myself, and most importantly - to love myself. I had never felt such unconditional love and support from anyone, let alone a partner. Living together was effortless and we always made sure to keep each other giggling through whatever we went through.
Almost seven years later, two beautiful children, two mortgages, one BEAUTIFUL ring (3 including the wedding rings) and a lifetime to go. I won't pretend life hasn't thrown us curveballs, and that we haven't wanted to rip each other's head off at times but between all the chaos - we choose each other every day.

Proposal - Just before our 3 year anniversary, Scott randomly asked if I would like to go on a bush walk. Some background to this is, Scott is a builder by trade who works typically 6 days a week - he despises doing much physical activity on his off days, whereas my favourite pastime as a family is walking by the beach. I think he was well aware I was already getting in my activewear before I could answer the question...

Scott was being extremely strange the entire morning. He ironed his T-shirt for the walk.....he wouldn't let me pack the backpack for the walk, He wouldn't even let me put my waterbottle in the backpack in question once we were packed? And I was not allowed to pick the walking route we were taking. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, I never suspected a thing.
With our then one year old son strapped in the carrier for the journey, we set off. Through a bush track and ending at Reef Beach, overlooking the panoramic sea views of Manly - Scott let me know "I didn't bring you here just for a bushwalk".....at this point it was a pretty secluded area cut off from anyone else, so when I felt assured his prerogative wasn't in fact to murder me....I slowly started to realise what was happening. This is a core memory in my life. I was never one to dream of this moment, I never had really pressured Scott to propose and I hadn't sent him any pictures as hints or anything - but everything was perfect, beyond perfect. It was all him, he wanted to show his love and commitment, and knowing he had gone to all of this effort was heartwarming. Plus, the ring was DIVINE.

Ring Choice - A sensational 3ct Oval solitaire with hidden halo setting on a thin yellow gold band with claws in platinum to highlight the diamond. We also got our wedding bands at the same time. I choose 3mm round stone eternity band 1/2 way which sits snug with my engagement ring. Just waiting for the wedding now as covid has not been our friend - thinking of eloping. Scott chose a chunky mens signet in yellow gold which he absolutely loves, its super manly and hard wearing, as he is a builder he needed something that would withstand hard core wearing.

What we love about Deltora Diamonds - I cannot express the level of professionalism I experienced with Deltora Diamonds. It is by far the greatest customer service I have EVER received in any capacity. In addition to our stunning engagement ring which I don't ever stop receiving compliments on, we also went with Deltora for our wedding bands. From the moment we first discussed what we were looking for, to then the first appointment and the care Melissa took into assisting our family, it's honestly unparalleled to any other assistance we've ever experienced. Her warm nature, her attentiveness to our wants and needs and on top of that, the constant communication in regards to sourcing materials once we had successfully decided on the ring of our dreams, I can't fault her service. The products were turned around so quickly it's mind boggling as Melissa sources the best diamonds from everywhere in the world, but the fact they are handmade in Sydney and so divinely curated - we couldn't be happier or more thankful with the results. We have recommended Melissa to so many of our closest friends and family and they have echoed our sentiments, many who have previously used other jewellers had let us know they wished they had found Melissa and Deltora Diamonds far earlier. Plus - she's an absolute hoot! I can't wait to keep adding to my Deltora collection.