Angus & Laura

Our Love Story - Angus and I were set up on a blind double date on Valentine’s day 2020. One month later we were all in lockdown. While the world was falling down around us, we were falling in love.

Proposal - I’ve always loved diamonds and for a year before Angus proposed he would joke about giving me a quartz. Whenever we would go on walks, we would pick up rocks and say “this is a nice quartz we can just use this for your ring”. We were up at his family lake house, cleaning out the shed for a council clean up so I wasn’t expecting a proposal for that weekend. Angus out by the water restoring the shoreline which had been washed away in the floods and rain. He called me over to look at the progress he made. When I got to the shoreline he said “look at this cool quartz I found” and bent down to pick up a big white rock. It was a fake rock key box you keep at your front door. He shook it and it rattled, turned it over and opened the back to reveal his grandma’s ring. He got down on one knee and shortly followed.

Ring Choice - An Oval Diamond with tapered baguettes, set in in a 2 tone setting.

Why we love Deltora Diamonds - Mel you're a legend what I can say, it looks amazing - THANK-YOU! Sending all my friends your way.