Marquise Cut

Marquise Cut

The Marquise Cut Diamond is a uniquely tapered cut stone, essentially an oval with rounded sides and points at each end. Like the Oval and Pear Shape stones, this stone can also look larger than it actually is, and due to its elongated shape, can make fingers look leaner and slimmer.

It’s ideal for those looking to maximise carat weight and get big bling for your buck. Set in a simple solitaire setting or double band for added WOW.


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Magnificent Marquise Engagement Rings

Are you marvelling at the Marquise diamond shape? This shape is the hidden gem of the diamond world with its distinctive tapered cut. This shape works wonders to elongate the finger and is super valuable as an added bonus.

Creating a marquise engagement ring is easier than you think with the shape suited to several design styles. On trend for this season is the three stone marquise style ring with the marquise diamond taking centre stage with accent stones of your choosing - pear, tapered baguettes or perhaps a pair of smaller marquises.

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Marquise diamond rings to suit your style at Deltora Diamonds

The unique cut of the Marquise diamond is often mistaken for just giving off an art deco or vintage vibe when in fact there are many marquise engagement ring styles that scream modern minx.

If you’re a future loving feline then a Marquise diamond ring should definitely be on your wish list. Think a solitaire statement starting from a 1ct you're getting some serious length and even in an east west style setting at a 0.75ct you're getting fabulous finger coverage. Fortune favours the brave and with the marquise diamond you can certainly be bold with a half bezel or clutch style setting or simply create one of your own.

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Eclectic Elegance in a Marquise Engagement Ring

You can rock your own marquise diamond engagement ring in any colour - rose, yellow, white gold or platinum, the choice is yours. Come into one of our studios and try on a fabulous range of styles to see what suits your lifestyle and budget.

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Our goal at Deltora Diamonds is to create the perfect ring to suit your life, style and budget. Our team will walk you through the entire process, ensuring you get the exact cut and settings you’re looking for in an engagement ring.

Quality is important to our team at Deltora Diamonds. We are diamond experts, and we work hard to ensure each cut and stone is of exceptional quality for your ring. Sustainability is also important, so we only sell ethically sourced diamonds, made in a lab, to protect our planet.

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