Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Whether you’ve always known what you want—solitaire, trilogy or halo—or are still flirting with options, our most enduring signature designs are ready to be customised for your hand only.

Deltora Diamonds Bespoke engagement rings are handcrafted in Sydney, Australia and can be customised with your preferred diamond shape, carat weight, and precious metal.

Diamonds are selected for you in consultation with you personal diamond concierge. We do not sell diamonds off a list, we stringently assess each and every diamond we select for you and present you with the best options that suit your style and budget.

Classic East West Engagement rings

The classic solitaire ring is given a fresh modern update in this popular style. An East-West ring is a solitaire ring with a horizontal setting for a long diamond shape. Pear-cut, marquise, emerald, oval and cushion-cut diamonds become a strong central focus in this setting, and it makes the stone look larger. This flowy elongating look offers a sleek elegant appearance that doesn’t disrupt those after a traditional look.

An East-West ring exudes class and confidence as an engagement ring, and with its more horizontal orientation, it’s easier to have on the same finger as a wedding band.

Sustainable and sleek East-West diamond rings

An East-West diamond ring is perfect for those who want more of the length and sparkle of a longer diamond shape, without the disruption a vertical shape may have on the finger. Simple and seamless, an East-West emerald cut ring can also create an elegant impact that never feels too loud. Making it a great ring to pair with minimalist jewellery.

Alternatively, you can choose an East-West engagement ring with stunning pave, halo, accent side stones, or carved metal detail for more personality or glamour.

Every East-West engagement ring online at Deltora Diamonds is custom-made. Allowing us to handcraft a ring in any diamond cut and carat, as well as in any precious metal: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum.

Why a lab-grown East-West diamond ring?

diamonds, carrying the same physical and chemical properties as if they were mined. The difference is that they are sustainably and ethically sourced and have higher clarity for brilliant sparkle and shine.

At Deltora Diamonds, we use only premium CVD-grown diamonds classified as type IIA with little to no nitrogen atoms or other impurities. Our East-West solitaire rings showcase the beauty, clarity and quality of each of our premium lab-grown diamonds.

For more information about our custom ring collections or lab diamond process, reach out to the Deltora Diamonds team.

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