We like to do things differently than most diamond wholesalers and jewellery shops and we like it that way.

We recognise that the process of buying an engagement ring or custom piece can be an overwhelming or stressful experience.

Instead of bombarding you with hundreds of diamonds based upon some basic search criteria and letting you select for yourself, we prefer to curate a collection specially for you with more defined parameters ensuring a premium selection critiqued by our cultured diamond experts. This allows you to get the best diamond in terms of size and quality for your budget.

The best part, our on hand diamond experts stringently assess the diamonds quality ensuring we only present our clients with the best diamonds.

We are all about transparency. We will not show you a diamond unless this has taken place and we know it is of high quality.

We will not show you a computer generated list but a selection made by our team who have viewed each of the diamonds they have selected in person.

What is unique is the interactive way we present our selection. The first look at your selection will be done via text or email. An interactive selection with video, imagery and certificates that you can view in your own time before chatting with a dedicated team member who will talk you through the selection.

You will have videos, images and the certificates to view before chatting with a dedicated team member who will talk you through the selection.

That 1:1 experience is what sets Deltora Diamonds apart and what allows you to truly get the best diamond possible.

“Melissa and her team, guide and engage each client to make the process a truly enjoyable experience”
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