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Always a jewellery and fashion lover, Melissa made her foray into the industry after 15+ years in marketing and media.

In an industry that is generally male dominated, Melissa has carved out a name for herself as the go to person for both custom and fashion jewellery.

What sets Melissa apart is her 1:1 customer service. Her clients have seen her jump on a plane to come see them, scour the world to find that one special piece they didn’t think possible or create a bespoke diamond unlike any other.

What drew Melissa to the cultured diamonds space was her desire to make diamonds accessible to every woman. Keen to push boundaries in innovation and marketing, Melissa believes that cultured diamonds will revolutionise the $80 billion diamond industry.

Whether it be an engagement ring or a diamond tennis bracelet, Melissa guides each client with her kind, engaging and fun loving character to make the process a truly enjoyable experience.

Melissa’s team our knowledge experts in cultured lab grown diamonds, having 20+ years of experience in sorting, curating and grading diamonds allowing them to carefully curate and select only the best diamonds to show their clients.

As you get to know Melissa and her team throughout your journey with Deltora, you will thoroughly enjoy the experience and be thrilled with the result – a stunning piece of jewellery.

“Good things happen when a market is rattled by a new player. At the end of the day the customer is the winner here 
- higher quality, accessibility and affordable price points let alone the environment wins too.”

Melissa Macdonald, Founder of Deltora Diamonds

Melissa Macdonald, Founder of Deltora Diamonds

About us, Deltora Diamonds
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My vision is to make diamond jewellery accessible to every woman. That is why we use premium quality lab diamonds across our whole range.

Here is $50 from me, to start your collection.

CEO & Founder

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