Unique Wedding Rings

Unique Wedding Rings

Wonder through our stunning collection of unique wedding rings that push the boundaries of traditional wedding jewellery, allowing you to find a ring that perfectly reflects your unique style.

Whether you prefer a unique ring that's adorned with vibrant gemstones or diamond accents you will find our rock solid wedding ring options here.

If you would like to design a wedding ring that is unique to you and your partner, then get in contact with us to start designing.

Still not sure about which Diamond shape suits you?

Check out our Try-At-Home Kit today!

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Unique Wedding Rings Australia

All of our unique wedding ring collection of jewellery is handcrafted here in Australia. You can make an appointment to visit our showroom in Sydney - perfect for those looking for unique wedding rings in Sydney.  We also provide free shipping on all of our exquisite pieces for delivery across Australia. 

Unique Wedding Bands

Whether you're seeking a vintage-inspired design or a minimalist piece with a modern edge, our unique wedding bands are thoughtfully curated to cater to all tastes and preferences. Some might wonder what the difference between wedding rings and wedding bands are. The answer is that typically wedding rings are classed as those which are curated with diamonds or sapphires, typically anything that adds a certain element to the ring itself. However wedding bands are usually classed by having a simple, classic band - without the added diamond design or elevation.